Hello everyone and welcome!

Like you, we also love this game and couldn't live without it, specially thanks to its amazing PvP system and, in particularly, to this and other similar shards mechanics, so we have decided to bring it back to live once more.

We are conscious this is an old game, played by not-so-young people anymore who are already plain bored of new Ultima Online servers opening every month but who do still enjoy the game in some way, so we will be trying a different approach this time.

Mainly because we know that none of you is expecting any server to last forever, or an year, or even half an year, and probably neither do we, our main goal is to do our best to try to be as much as possible an instant action server. Your daily gameplay shouldn't be about what you will need or have in a month, but about what you need and want to do right now. To accomplish that, everything will be a lot easier to you right from the moment you enter in our world with your first character.

Of course that not everything can be handled out for free without requiring any effort from your part, or the game would lose all its fun, but we can guarantee that what took you months or even years to achieve in the past will now be possible within weeks or even days.

As a start, you no longer need to raise ANY skill or stat, factions progression was made a lot faster, new and better rewards are available through loyalty system and donations, the map has been made a lot smaller, all player vendors have been moved to Moonglow and the city is now a safezone, and many other changes have already been implemented.

We will not go into a lot of details in this post, but you can check the above and other major changes we have already made in the Announcements section at our forums. Feel free to comment them or to suggest new things that you would like to see implemented/made easier. We will make sure to hear everyone's opinion.

As for the opening date, it is still undecided, but will be revealed as soon as possible.

The scripts and the world are already fully operational. The forums are ready to be used and the website will soon be completed.

As soon as we get a new host (we have been working on a cheap one while it's only us working inside it) and finish the few bits missing on the website, we will be ready to open.

We don't want to promise any ETA, but it shouldn't take much longer than a week to get everything fully working.

To those not familiar with this shard or the previous ones of the same kind (MPZ, Burstfire UO, The UO Project and Universal UO), if you come from servers like ColdfireUO, Marchadium, CrazyPK, Santiago, World of Dread, Euro PvP, TAR, Mythik, Gardiasca, Wasteland UO or UO Quartz, we are sure you will feel at home with us because this server mechanics are very similar to those.

Stay tuned!

Hope to see you around!Read More